Sales 2.0



Driven by an explosion of new web applications and changing customer buying preferences, Sales 2.0 is finally starting to wake up to reality - Nigel Edelshain created the concept already in 2006 (..) The increase of web technology has changed the way many (not all) of us connect, engage and interact with a clear impact on information sharing, collaboration, and commerce. The buzzword ‘Sales 2.0’ generally refers to the use of that technology in the context of selling goods and services and ‘Sales 1.0’, another buzzword, refers to the use of more ‘traditional’ methods in sales. (Some are already talking about Sales 3.0, even Sales 4.0, but let's keep it simple). So what is Sales 2.0 and what new sales tools could you use? And what about the sales cycle using these new tools? Watch this (short) presentation.

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Sales 2.0